• Deposit into our bank account at the following bank.

          At the time of deposit, you have to write your surname.


                Account  No. 0026.0093.64.0200877624

                IBAN GR3102600930000640200877624

                Beneficiary: Leventi  Despina of Constantine

  • All Credit cards are accepted , except for American Express and Diners.
  • Cash in delivery:
    • Leventi Despoina Company allows you to pay for the products you ordered upon receipt, when  the delivery is being done by the company's means of transport.
    • In the case of delivery by courier, the cash on delivery payment (with the corresponding charge) is valid up to the amount of € 150.00. For amounts over € 150.00 a deposit is required before th e shipment or payment by credit car
    • In the case of delivery by a shipping company, there is no possibility of cash on delivery
  • For items which are NOT in stock and must be ordered, an advance payment of ½ of the amount is required and the balance is paid upon delivery, if it is in the Attica basin. In the case of dispatch outside Attica, payment is required before it is dispatched.